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  • • BOLcom-DV is an underwater wireless communication device designed to allow voice conversations through light underwater, significantly enhancing communication between divers during diving activities. If a diver forgets a gesture sign while diving, they can convey their intentions to their colleague through voice. When not communicating, the device can also serve as an underwater lantern to illuminate and identify the dark underwater environment.
  • • When a diver speaks into the underwater microphone connected to the device, the voice signal is converted into an underwater LED light wave and transmitted to the other diver. This light wave is detected by the receiver of the other diver and sent to a bone conduction speaker, allowing the diver to recognize the sound. Unlike ultrasonic methods, this light wave approach can be visually identified, eliminating confusion about who is speaking to whom, and it doesn't impact the underwater ecosystem in any way.
  • • As an option, a mini camera can be attached to the product, allowing captured photos and videos to be transmitted to another diver or a surface boat. The camera's resolution can be determined based on order specifications, and it takes 0.2 seconds to transmit an image at a standard HD resolution.


  • • High quality voice communication
  • • High bright underwater lantern
  • • Does not affect sub-sea environment
  • • Image data transfer function (Optional)


  • • Scuba diving working & lessons
  • • Diving travel guide
  • • Aquarium Presentation & performance
Dimensions 80(Dia.)x180mm
Main functions • Underwater voice communication

• Underwater lantern

• Underwater camera video transmission(Optional)

LED High brightness Cool White LED
Comm. Range Up to 10M
Luminous intensity 4400lm
Battery Lithium Ion 6s 2000mAh
Battery life 2 hours continuous
Depth rating 50m