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  • • BOLcom-LR is characterized by long-distance data transmission. By irradiating a laser beam with instantaneous output of maximum 95W in nanosecond pulse units, it achieves increased underwater penetration while highly reducing power consumption. Furthermore, this is designed for the laser beam to be appropriately dispersed and scattered, so it is easy to target.
  • • It supports most of the serial communication interfaces widely used in industrial sites. With its compact size, it can be mounted on platforms like ROVs/AUVs to perform data upload tasks between underwater and the surface.


  • • Longest data transfer range
  • • Low profile
  • • Wide laser beam spreading for easy targeting
  • • Wide supply voltage range option


  • • Harvesting of large data sets from subsea instrumentations
  • • Tether-free subsea ROV/AUV Remote control
  • • Wireless Live video streaming for ROVs
  • • Data harvesting with gliders or USVs
  • • Bottom to surface data upload
  • • Wireless data access for underwater infrastructure
  • • Highly energy efficient communications for battery powered underwater devices
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 40mm
Data Bandwidth Up to 4Mbps
Range Up to 200M
Supply voltage 24V (standard), 12~36V Wide supply voltage range
Power consumption 10W / 100W
Interface UART, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, Ethernet
Depth rating 200m (standard) / 6000m (custom order)
Connector SubConn MCIL8M or as requested