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MIND 1: Marine INspection Drone 1

  • • The underwater-surface composite marine drone is a product that can real-time monitor marine structures (underwater facilities, underwater bridges, seabed pipelines, seabed cables, underwater defense networks, sunken objects on the seabed, ship bottoms, etc.) and underwater environmental information (seabed topography, green tides, red tides, heavy metals, water temperature, currents, PH, etc.) from land. This is achieved by connecting an autonomous surface vessel (Unmanned Surface Vehicle: USV) and an underwater drone (Remotely Operated Vehicle: ROV) via the winch system's tether cable (a unified power and communication line).
  • • By entering the maritime GPS coordinates into the land-based control console, the autonomous surface vessel moves to the designated coordinate point, and the underwater drone is submerged to the desired depth by the winch system installed on the autonomous surface vessel.
  • • Both the autonomous surface vessel and the underwater drone are equipped with GPS and USBL, allowing precise control over the operation position and depth. By outfitting the underwater drone with inspection sensors suitable for its purpose (such as Side scan sonar, Imaging sonar, Single Beam Echosounder, Multi Beam Echosounder, CTD, ADCP, Sub Bottom Profiler, 3D LiDAR, etc.), it can be utilized for various marine surveys and inspections.

Dimensions L 3.3m x b 2.5m x H 1.6m
Weight 300kg
Payload 100kg
Speed 0 – 4 knots
Engine 3 x 1kW(electric)
Batteries Li-Polymer, 12h autonomy
Operator interface Console(WindowsPC)+Joystick+ Autopilot
Communication 802.11ac Outdoor Bridge, LTE
Navigation sensors 2 full HD cameras, DGPS, INS, Compass
Auto navigation C# based navigation software


Winches Winch for deployment of ROV (50kg payload)
USBL Position Tracking for ROV, BluePrint SeaTrac
Side scan sonar Tritech SeaKing 675kHz
Marine sensors Single Beam Echosounder, Multi Beam Echosounder, CTD, ADCP, Sub Bottom Profiler
Imaging sonar BluePrint Oculus
3D LiDAR Ouster OS-1-64/16
Batteries Additional battery packs