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  • • BOLcom-HS is distinguished by having the fastest data transfer rate among the product line, allowing for the transmission of large amounts of data, such as real-time streaming of high-quality videos or log data uploads, in a short amount of time.
  • • It supports most of the serial communication interfaces widely used in industrial settings, as well as asynchronous serial communication interfaces of I2C and SPI. Without the need for separate serial communication interface conversion devices, you can easily establish a wireless communication link simply by replacing the cable connection of the existing system with a plug-and-play operation.
  • • It has resistance to ambient light, resulting in fewer data errors and the ability to maintain a stable communication channel.


  • • Highest data transfer speed
  • • High tolerance to ambient light
  • • Superior range with wide beam
  • • Wide supply voltage range option


  • • Harvesting of large data sets from subsea instrumentations
  • • Tether-free subsea ROV/AUV Remote control
  • • Wireless Live video streaming for ROVs
  • • Data harvesting with gliders or USVs
  • • Bottom to surface data upload
  • • Wireless data access for underwater infrastructure
  • • Highly energy efficient communications for battery powered underwater devices
Dimensions 120(Dia.)x150mm
Data Bandwidth Up to 12Mbps
Range Up to 10M
Supply voltage 16V (standard), 12~36V Wide supply voltage range
Power consumption 5W(standby), 50W(During Operation)
Interface UART, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, Ethernet, I2C, SPI
Depth rating 200m (standard), 6000m (custom order)
Connector Subconn MCIL8M or as requested