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Aquarium Drone(BOL-TWIN)

  • • This product can be used in large aquariums or personal ornamental fish tanks to monitor the activity and health of underwater creatures. Through a display panel or VR goggles, users can experience and check the underwater conditions as if they are submerged in water.
  • • It allows systematic and real-time monitoring of ornamental fish. Through the display screen, it can offer various attractions to the viewers. It can also address the management issues of high-value marine life (such as avoiding divers, diseases, labor costs, etc.).
  • • Utilizing this product can contribute to the advancement of the aquarium industry. It can also be applied to fish farms, marine structures, and marine environment surveys.


  • • Four Small Thrusters: 6-degree freedom hovering capability, approximately 3000 RPM
  • • Optical Camera: Captures the structure and activities of aquatic environments inside the aquarium. It can tilt both horizontally and vertically. IP or underwater microscope compatible.
  • • Underwater Visible Light Communication Modem: Utilizes Blue Light visible communication for autonomous underwater wireless navigation. Transmits footage captured via optical camera to an external display panel.
  • • PCB Module: Controls each component / operates the underwater robot, integrates with the underwater visible light communication modem and the filming system.