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BOLcom-MC 2.0 released (Micro Compact optical communication modem)

2024-05-10 15:42
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Hello, everyone. This is BORsys Corp.

We released BOLcom-MC 2.0, the Micro Compact Optical Communication Modem.



As you can see from the name Micro Compact, BOLcom-MC 2.0 has 1Mbps speed despite its small size and low power consumption,

which is suitable for limited battery life or near-field communication.


BOLcom-MC was released and introduced at the Oceans 2024 Singapore last April for the first time.

Many visitors showed their great interests to BOLcom-MC.


It provides communication coverage at low power and low cost, plug & play product that supports easily connecting serial cable interfaces to UART or RS485,

which can replace the wired connectivity.


It can be applied in various ways such as air-subsea, subsea-subsea, and surface-subsea.

For further information, please check the our website menu ; <Products and Services> => <Underwater Wireless>

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=> BOLcom-MC 2.0 | Borsys


BORsys will lead in creating a sustainable and prosperous sea, based on original wireless optical communication technology for the future marine industry.