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BORsys with Oceans 2024 Singapore

2024-04-22 19:04

BORsys' first overseas promotion ever!!

From 15th to 18th, April, BORsys participated in Oceans 2024 Singapore in Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention center.


This expo, many ocean-related companies from a variety of countries exhibited their cutting-edge technology.

BORsys was the one and only Korean company!


The main model for Oceans 2024 Singapore is BOLcom-MC, the micro compact wireless optical communication modem.

BOLcom-MC totally catched visitor's eyes, cause its compact size and high speed of 1Mbps.

The low power consumption is also one of the major advantage of it.

It can be used for subsea-subsea, surface to subsea, and even air-subsea.


Photo with SEAMOR, which is Canadian partner company.

We appreciate their kind and great help for this exhibition. Hope we continue to bond with each other!


This was our first overseas exhibition, and it was good opportunity to promote our technology to the global market.

BORsys will continue to build the fast and safe hyperconnected world linked by light, as a leader of underwater wireless optical communication.